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Engagement Rings



En Tasty Jewelry

This is a fun jewelry collection, full of color and flavor. All our designs are sweet pieces of fruit such as apples, slices of watermelon, oranges, grapefruit and you can even find a bread toast with jam. With this collection of food turned into jewelry, our motto, "Vacía la Nevera" (empty the fridge) is stronger than ever.

Engagement Rings

The times have changed and also the way to celebrate love and relationships. Our "special day" becomes a very unique and personal moment full of small and original details. The same happens with the engagement rings... we like them to be special, original and, most importantly, they need to identify us. All the models you are going to see, are handmade in Madrid by Vacía la Nevera and, if you wish, we can personalize and engrave them. You can contact me at Engagement rings that, with their texture, can remember the days out in natures, the unforgettable trips... Geometric rings and minimal style rings, with different finish such as rusted, shiny or with some precious and semiprecious stones.

Joyas en Conservas (Canned jewels)

The idea to make a collection with little silver tin cans, is a tribute to the design markets where many of you have known me. You’ve always liked my “kitchen of jewels” filled with empty tin cans that I’ve used as expositors for my rings or earrings.

Joyas Sabrosas

All the pieces of this silver jewelry collection are inspired and look like some of our favorite food. You can even find a ring with a bitten apple… just like the one of Snow White.

In Blank

he new jewelry collection EN BLANCO (In Blank) is inspired by the "objet trouvé" art movement, born at the beginning of the 20th century. With this release I intend to reinterpret and launch a reflection on this movement making everyday objects true jewels of art. This project has been presented with a fashion-film with the same name "EN BLANCO". 9 female artists give life to the new collection through dance, poetry and photography, inviting us to leave the mind "blank" for awhile and enter the most intimate of their thoughts.