Proceso artesanal joyería Vacía la Nevera

"I dreamt many tickles, pencil tickles…

Before I was born, they knew how I would be. What they did not know was that I would be so uniquely expressive. I will tell you the story as it was told to me:

First I was only a piece of wax without shape nor charm. But slowly, with the help of sandpaper and lots of love and care, I was given form, cutting here, drilling there.

Once my shape was sculpted, they welded a sprue, and then added it to a wax stem to create a tree.

Afterwards, this wax form was covered by a liquid coating which dried and hardened, and taken to an oven. There my wax body melted and disappeared, and only the silhouette remained. And here comes the best part.I was dressed in silver, and my silver suit was polished until it looked shiny and beautiful.

Now I am proud to be in the fingers of many women, and I always remember the long but wonderful path that brought me here.