En Blanco (In Blank)

The new jewelry collection EN BLANCO (In Blank) is inspired by the "objet trouvé" art movement, born at the beginning of the 20th century.
With this release I intend to reinterpret and launch a reflection on this movement making everyday objects true jewels of art.

This project has been presented with a fashion-film with the same name "EN BLANCO". 9 female artists give life to the new collection through dance, poetry and photography, inviting us to leave the mind "blank" for awhile and enter the most intimate of their thoughts.

Coleccion de joyas Hechizo

Hechizo (Spell)

A short film to present the "Hechizo" jewelry collection
Written and directed by Rubén Morales (Vacía la Nevera) that tells the fantasy story of the sisters Videl and Aura and the young Hanna.
An evil spell created by Videl, falls on Aura and her daughter Hanna, accelerating for them the passing of time and aging them quickly.
Will they manage to break the cruel spell?

Joyas en Conservas, colección de joyas con forma de latas de conservas

Joyas en Conservas (Canned jewels)

Jewelry Collection of silver, brass and porcelain in the shape of tin cans.
Each of the rings, earrings, chokers necklaces or bracelets are handmade. The silver or the brass has been worked with metal patinas to achieve a more real and vintage look.
For the first time we combine metal and porcelain together.

More than ever, this collection honors the motto of the brand and the name "Vacía la Nevera" (empty the fridge). Fun and personal jewels that complement you with a casual and personalized look.

joyas sabrosas, queso, sandía, naranja, manzana, pera

Joyas Sabrosas (Tasty Jewelry)